New Releases

Dakh Maten...? - Rama Younan

Assyrian Singer form Sweden Rama Younan has just released the third volume of his album ´Dakh Maten...?´. The CD i... more

Hasrate d Khoba - Maqdonia Bet Samano

You can now listen to the first Album of the Assyrian singer Maqdonia Bet Samano from Nuhadra, Iraq. The CD with the ... more

Alma d Waraqa - Patrus Georges

The first Album of the Assyrian singer Patrus Georges from Sweden has been released. The CD with the title ALMA D WAR... more

Nawfal 2006 - Assyrian Girl.

Assyrian Girl is the title of the new album of the Assyrian Singer Nawfal. The CD includes 7 Assyrian songs and 2 oth... more

New CD Album from James Gabriel.

The new album for 2006 of the Assyrian Singer James Gabriel from Netherlands has been released. Bellow are the song... more

New Album from Rama Younan:Soreta.

The new Album of the Assyrian Singer Rama Younan from Sweden has been released in December 2005. The title of the alb... more

Ya Sarwana - 2nd Album from Josephine.

The 2nd album of the Assyrian Singer Josephine Giwargis from Denmark is available now. This Album has been arranged an... more

New Video Clip from Assyrian Singer Josephine.

Assyrian Singer from Denmark, Josephine Giwargis, has produced her first video clip from Rom Rama CD. The work of the v... more


The new album of the Assyrian Singer Adonee from Sweden is available now. This is the second album of Adonee's Assyrian ... more

New Album from Odisho Moshe: Khzaita Qamaita

New CD-release from the Assyrian Singer Odisho Moshe. KHZAITA QAMAITA is the title of the new album, which has been ar... more

Assyrian Music in the Josephine´s 1st album

After 6 weeks in Syria, the first album of the Assyrian singer in Denmark, Josephine, is available now. Rom Rama is th... more

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