Ya Sarwana - 2nd Album from Josephine.
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The 2nd album of the Assyrian Singer Josephine Giwargis from Denmark is available now.
This Album has been arranged and recorded in Syria last summer 2005, and it includes
8 songs.

Following are the songs of the 2nd album from Josephine:
(All songs are in MP3 format).

- Malkeh. Lyrics and music by Edward Mousa.
- Khabur. Lyrics and music by Edward Mousa.
- Ya Sarwana. Lyrics and music by Abdel Ahad Nisan.
- Mo Yoma. Lyrics: Nayim Odisho, music: Dani Salo.
- Noora. Lyrics and music by Edward Mousa.
- Ainati. Lyrics and music by Edward Mousa.
- Shlami. Lyrics: Edward Mousa and Abdel Ahad Nisan, music: Abdel Ahad Nisan.
- Gani. Lyrics and music by Jamil Oshana.

All music played, arranged and mixed by Jean Hijjar Syria - Hassaka.

Male voice: Doglas Brikha.

Special thanks to:
Doglas Brikha
Younan Adam
Osama Edward Mousa
Adnan Shakro
and all who supported this project.

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