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The new album of the Assyrian Singer Adonee from Sweden is available now. This is the second album of Adonee's Assyrian music and it has been arranged and recorded in USA.
The 2nd album includes 9 songs.

The following are the titles of all songs in the 2nd album from Adonee:

Asheq D'Aynateh: Lyrics by Sargon Esha (canada).
Shetrantee: Lyrics by Oraha Churso (Sweden)- sample
Bekhipneh: Lyrics by Dawood Barkho (canada).
Qasra D'Kholmanee: Lyrics by Orahim Lazar (USA).
Khamta Toleh: Lyrics by Adonee Odisho (Sweden).
Kalo o Khitna: Lyrics by Adonee Odisho (Sweden).
Lewen Monsheeya: Lyrics by Adonee Odisho (Sweden).
Ma Minneh: Lyrics by Dawood Barkho (Canada).
Dalalee: Lyrics by Adonee Odisho (Sweden).

Music arranged by Ody khoury.

To pre-order this CD please contact
Adonee at +46 707912735.

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