New Album from Odisho Moshe: Khzaita Qamaita
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New CD-release from the Assyrian Singer Odisho Moshe.
KHZAITA QAMAITA is the title of the new album, which has been arranged and recorded in Sweden. The Album includes 10 songs.

Odisho Moshe: "I am happy to present this CD as a follow up to my first CD given out in 2003. My daughter Sonia was able to join me in singing Bayanneh, and I look forword to the day when Sonia will have her own CD.
Adeeb Odeesho made the arrangements, played keyboard and mixed 8 tracks.
Osi Esho played percussion. Warm thanks to all three.
Thanks to Shimon Kena for giving me music and lyrics to Elana. I would also like to thank Philip William for the beautiful song Karmaneh d'Matan from our homeland, which he gave as a persent to me. This song was arranged by Basman Basil. I want to mention that Philip's support helped make this CD possible. I look forward to getting more songs from him. Many thanks to Youkhanan Israel for providing songs for both CDs.
The name of this CD, Khzaita Qamaita, comes from a song written by the young poet Ninus Hormis, to whome I express my thanks. Finally, thanks to my backup singers Ashur and Sonia, and to the Mamo Zin band and their violinist."

Following are the songs of the Album:

(All songs are in Windows Media Audio format).

Khloolan: Lyrics and music by Adeeb Odeesho.
Karmaneh d'Matan: Lyrics and music by Philip William.
Khzaita Qamaita: Lyrics by Ninus Hurmiz, music by Tony Barkho.
Bayanneh: Lyrics and music by Odisho Moshe.
Narina: Lyrics by Youkhanan Israel, music by Odisho Moshe.
Brata d'Shwoti: Lyrics and music by Odisho Moshe.
Haw Laylee: Lyrics by Moshe Gewargis, music by Odisho Moshe.
Eelana: Lyrics and music by Shimon Kena.
Khoshabi: Lyrics by Khoshibo Odisho, music by Odisho Moshe.
Goobareh: Lyrics and music by Adeeb Odeesho.

To order this CD or for more information please contact Odisho Moshe at:
Telephone: +46 739155743

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