Hasrate d Khoba - Maqdonia Bet Samano
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You can now listen to the first Album of the Assyrian singer Maqdonia Bet Samano from Nuhadra, Iraq.

The CD with the title HASRATE D'KHOBA includes 8 songs.

Songs recorded and mixed by Mr. Teddy Dihaya.
All songs composed, arranged and played by Mr. Hani Andrews.

To listen to the songs click on the titles below:

- Lhiqtewan Allokh, Lyrics: Odisho Sada. Music: Rani.

- Psheemewit
, Lyrics: Odisho Sada. Music: Philip William.

- Bruna d'Omti
, Lyrics: Zaia Giwargis. Music: Hani Andrews.

- Juwab Khilia
, Lyrics: Salem Ammo. Music: Philip William.

- Hasrate d'Khoba
, Lyrics: Shidrak Bet Samano. Music: Teddy Dihaya.

- Shere d'Khobukh
, Lyrics: Yomer Shlemon. Music: Hani Adrews.

- Khda Khzeta
, Lyrics: Zaia Giwargis. Music: Warda Sliwoo.

- Shimsha d'Khayiee
, Lyrics: Salim Ammo. Music: Maqdonia.

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