Nawfal 2006 - Assyrian Girl.
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Assyrian Girl is the title of the new album of the Assyrian Singer Nawfal. The CD includes 7 Assyrian songs and 2 other songs in English.

Following are the names of the songs in the new album:

1. Bet Nahren Atreny, lyrics: Ashur Simson, music: Said Shabo Sanati
2. Assyrian Girl, lyrics and music: Charbel Khayo
3. Hatkha Ele Khoba, lyrics and music: Nawfal Shamoun
4. Ya Alahi, lyrics and music: Nawfal Shamoun
5. Ziana o’ Zaina, lyrics and music: George Shanko
6. Qala d’ Shabiba, lyrics and music: Samir Shamasha
7. Shoshantho d’ Diqlat, lyrics and music: Tuma Nahroyo
8. Born To Love, lyrics and music: Charbel Khayo
9. Hat Habibto, lyrics: Shabo Bahe/Nawfal, music: Nuri Iskandar/Nawfal

All music mixed & mastered by Charbel Khayo for Skygate Productions
All vocals are recorded by Michael Bibo for Skygate Productions
Graphics design by Charbel Khayo

To listen to Nawfal’s songs please visit

To buy the CD in Denmark contact:
- Ashur Simson
- Hiwi
- Tania

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