Assyrian Kings in New Year´s party 6756.
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Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union in Denmark arranged AKITU FESTIVAL which was a special program for the new year's Activity presented by Assyrian Designer from Sweden mr. Kenny. He has been invited by Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union to give us an image about the Assyrian clothing in Mesopotamia for more than 5000 years ago, and much more..

The awe-inspiring Assyrian fashion designer, Mr. Youkhana "Kenny" Odisho, presented the Assyrian nation with the most remarkable and dazzling Assyrian clothing one could ever see! The eye-catching clothing was put together by Mr. Odisho's own two hands to resemble those worn by the Assyrian nation during 3500 B.C.
As the son of a talented seamstress, Mr. Odisho was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1967, where his love for fashion began and grew inspiration for his dreams of becoming a fashion designer.
As a highly educated and brilliant man, he became the Renaissance man of our generation. He eloquently and professionally presented each of his breathtaking, handmade designs, which depicted the life and dress of the astounding Ancient Assyrian nation. Having worked with Versace and Anne Klein, he was able to broaden his talents and expand his field of knowledge in the fashion industry.
He had designed clothing that had an element of Ancient Assyrian clothing, but with the talents and heart and soul of Mr. Kenny Odisho himself. He had decided to begin his show by presenting the two different dresses created for Ishtar, the Goddess of Love. The clothing was designed to represent the clothing worn by Queen Shamiram, Queen Shamiram in Battle, Queen Shamiram on the Throne, Assyrian men and women, musicians, Nebuchadnezzar, Senacherib, the High Priest, Sargon II in Battle, Sargon II Senacherib, Hammurabi, Ashurbanipal, Ashurbanipal in Battle, Gilgamesh, and even what prisoners and bodyguards wore!
The colors of the fabrics were simply stunning with the decorated patterns in gold and inlaid with precious stones as well as the gleaming silk and satin imprinting their splendor into the minds of the audience. One could not imagine how a person could top such a magnificent thing off, but Mr. Odisho was able to come up with two pieces that truly put the icing on the cake! A gorgeous wedding dress and evening gown were shown that absolutely amazed the audience. The fine incorporation of the Assyrian flag into these two dresses, which were shimmering with style and elegance, was truly the crowd's favorite. Not only was this a beautiful sight, but this event genuinely inspired individuals to follow their hopes and dreams and not to give up on their aspirations. We can make it happen if we set our mind to it!

Photo: Assyrian Youth Media in Denmark.

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