Nineveh Cup 2005.
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Nineveh Cup 2005 has been arranged by Assyrian Nineveh Association in Aarhus City in Denmark from 14th - 16th May. Six football teams participate in Nineveh Cup 2005:
- Ashurbanipal Association from Göteborg - Sweden (No. 1)
- Ishtar Association from Norway (No. 4)
- NB93 Danish Team from Aarhus - Denmark (No. 6)
- Nineveh Association Team A from Aarhus - Denmark (no. 3)
- Nineveh Association Team B from Aarhus - Denmark (no. 2)
- Ur Association from Aarhus - Denmark (no. 5)

Assyrian music and party with the famous Assyrian Singer Wilson Esha has been arranged by Nineveh Association in the last day of 'Nineveh Cup 2005'.

Photo: Assyrian Youth Media in Denmark.

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