Assyrian Cultural Day, 30-9 and 1-10-2006
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┬┤Preserving our cultural uniqueness strengthens our national identity┬┤,
Assyrian Nineveh Association in Denmark arranged the Assyrian Cultural Day
Saturday and Sunday 30th of September and 01st of October 2006 at Hasle Kirkesognegård ? Viborgvej 158 ? 8210 Århus V.

The programme included following arrangements:
- Seyfo: the Assyrian Genocide and its repercussions, lecture by Nineb Lamassu
- Silent Cry: a multi media theatrical presentation, written and Directed by Shoshan Lamassu, UK.
- Women Rights: A workshop on the fundamental rights of the Assyrian woman. by Shoshan Lamassu (Marem Reshakh), UK.
- Assyrian Custom Fashion Parade, by Marlin Oraha.
- The Assyrian Language: Historical Wealth and Current Obstacles. lecture by Nineb Lamassu.

Assyrian Youth Media recorded following parts from Assyrian Cultural Day:

- The Silent Cry, click here to watch. (video clip coming soon)
- The Assyrian Language, click here to watch. (video clip coming soon)
- Assyrian Custom Fashion Parade, click here to watch. (video clip coming soon)

Photo and video clips by Assyrian Youth Media in Denmark ?2006.

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