Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union

Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union has been established in May 2001. The idea behind the foundation is to bring Assyrian Youth in Denmark together and to give them the right way to start their roles in Assyrian organizations and associations, by coming with new ideas and convert them in our associations’- and organizations’ lifecycle.
In the last years have many Assyrian young people started working in Assyrian organizations here in Denmark, like Assyrian associations, Assyrian radio programs etc...

Until now has Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union arranged many cultural, historical and entertainment arrangements.
The Assyrian Convention in 2004 was arranged by Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union, where the convention program in three days included lectures, drama, poems and parties.

Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union invited Mr. Youkhana "Kenny" Odisho to present the Assyrian nation with the most remarkable and dazzling Assyrian clothing at Assyrian New year’s party 6756.

The committee of Babylonian Assyrian Youth Union:

Joseph Daood
Tania Yoeel
David Gilyana
Yakob Oraha
George Timatias

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