Christian Assyrian Children & Youth Association.

The activities of the association are primarily directed to children and youngsters who are from 5 to 24 years old.

Everybody can become a member.

The aim of the association is:
- To promote the process of integration
- Culture meetings with other Danish associations or clubs and to present ourselves to Danes to tell who are Assyrians.
- Activating of children and youngsters to prevent them from committing crime.
- To preserve our identity.
- Good fellowship.
- To learn language.

The association have many members (40) at different ages from 5 to 24.
The association arrange a variety of activities for the members. These activities take place in the week-ends.
On Saturdays we have swimming in TST-swimming hall from 1 pm to 4 pm.
On Sundays we have an arrangement which starts at 12 o´clock noon and runs till 4 pm. They start by practising their dances and learn new dances (folk dances). Assyrian education (language and religious education). Later that day there is a lot of different arrangements, such as: Football, other sports, needlework, cooking, and field trips, e.g. bowling, going to the cinema. We have also arranged a trip to Copenhagen.
A communication lesson with young people is on the schedule, and we have had an arrangement about young people and education in Denmark, etc.

Some of these activities are managed by our youngsters, for example the dancing Larsa Assure, Assyrian education, Bahra Sabri, life guard.

Our work in the board is voluntarily.

The management of the association is attended by a board of minimum 5 members who are elected by the general meeting.

The association was established at the end of 1995 so it is about 10 years old.

The management of the association is:

Chairman: Shamiran Benjamin Yousif
Treasurer: Dr. Sargon Sarges Naibin
Contact: Said Kako
Secretary: Lydia Aziz
Member: Hormoz Doman

Three young people are life guards, Iysin Shine, Adore Naibin, and Lindon Sarges.

The dancing teams have performed our different folk dances to both Danish and Assyrian people different places in Denmark and abroad – e.g. Germany. The dancing teams have also participated in Aarhus Festival Week in the town centre on an open stage.

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